Ukulhas restaurants: Your guide to the island’s food scene

Ukulhas restaurants have an advantage any Michelin-starred restaurant would be envious of: one of the finest locations in the world.Diners are treated to spectacular views over crystalline seas while fresh fish can be caught and cooked in a matter of minutes. So you don’t miss out on any of the spectacular offerings the island has, let’s take a look at what the Ukulhas restaurants have to offer.

Olhumathi Restaurant

Ukulhas restaurants



Who said the Maldives has to be expensive? Ukulhas Island can be a cheap place to visit but retains the magic of the rest of the Maldives. Olhumathi Restaurant captures that incredible value for money ethos, offering some of the best seafood on the island at unbelievable prices. Grilled reef fish starts at just US$10, while a grilled seafood platter (which includes lobster, prawns, cuttlefish and reef fish) costs a pocket-friendly US$48. If you only go to one of the Ukulhas restaurants for seafood, let this be it.

SeaLaVie Café and Restaurant



SeaLaVie Restaurant brings the magic of Thailand to Ukulhas Island, with zingy lime, fresh galangal and spicy chili on offer. Expect classic Thai dishes such as tom kha gai: a chicken and coconut milk soup with lemongrass, galangal, lime juice, fish sauce, chili paste, basil, and cilantro. With your meal, enjoy one of SeaLaVie’s special fruit drinks or coconut milk straight from the coconut. After, relax into the evening with a Chicco d’Oro Tradition coffee, made with high-quality blend beans from Central America.

Retro Royal




If there is one thing Ukulhas is famous for, it’s the rich sea life surrounding the paradise. Retro Royal takes advantage of its enviable place in the world, serving a magical selection of seafood. Expect meals such as freshly grilled fish or garlic prawns with fish steak, calamari, chili octopus plus chips, rice and salad. If you’re dining in a small group, take advantage of the seafood platter which combines the very best food from the ocean.

Central Diner



Local & Indian

Enjoy a bit of everything at Central Diner with its broad range of cuisines from across Asia. If you wish to indulge in authentic Maldivian dining experience, look no further as this small yet comfortable eatery offers the best local and Indian dishes in Ukulhas.

Céleste Restaurant




We know by now that Ukulhas Island is a great place for budget travelers. However, if you fancy a bit of luxury then Céleste Restaurant should be your go-to. The 150-person eatery, located near the harbor, serves magnificent Maldivian dishes plus Asian and European staples. Their on-site bakery provides a variety of ultra-fresh sweet and savoury pastries every day.

Paguro Café



Paguro Café is an international affair combining the best of the world’s cuisines to offer a delightful menu. For lunch and dinner pick from dynamic dishes which are inspired by the very best of the Americas, Europe and Asia. However, for breakfast expect more traditional dishes such as eggs, pancakes and fresh smoothies.

About alcohol at Ukulhas restaurants…

You might be used to ordering red wine at a meal, but forget it when you go to Ukulhas restaurants. That is because there is an effective blanket ban on alcohol across the Maldives. You could pick up a hard drink in your resort but expect to pay more than you normally would for the privilege.

Ukulhas restaurants: Your quick round-up

So there you have it. Whichever one of the Ukulhas restaurants you choose, you know you are going to be in for a treat. Obviously, seafood is the island’s speciality, thanks to the water’s teeming population, but other cuisines also thrive. To top it off, many of the restaurants boast stunning views of nature — the perfect accompaniment to your meal.