Experience the taste of Ukulhas at Olhumathi Restaurant

olhumathi restaurant ulkuhas island


Seafood & Asian Cuisines



Craving for some sweet crabs? What about grilled fish? Or wait, did you say fried shrimp?

Look no further, because the best seafood restaurant in Ukulhas is here. With a variety of international and local cuisine available, you’re sure to satisfy your craving, whatever that may be.

Olhumathi Restaurant

A subsidiary of Olhumathi Inn Guesthouse, Olhumathi Restaurant is located near Ukulhas Bikini Beach, perfect for your after-swim eats and relaxing by-the-beach dinners. In fact, it’s about a minute walk away from the biggest beach of Ukulhas. Now you’ve got no reason not to stop by after your daily beach trips!

Home cooking

The restaurant is nothing fancy, as it caters to budget travelers who are looking for a homey, comfy feel while they are away from home. Nothing beats home cooking, everybody knows that. And that’s exactly what Olhumathi Restaurant wants their customers to feel while dining here. The familiarity, the comfort, and most of all, the delicious taste of home cooking!

While Olhumathi Restaurant may not be a Michelin-star dining place, this isn’t to say that the restaurant is anything to be scoffed at, though! As mentioned above, the place is one of, if not the, best seafood restaurants in town. It prides itself in being the go-to place for many tourists who are not just looking for a quick bite, but also those who want a filling meal for their breakfast, lunch, and dinner. At Olhumathi, you’ll never go hungry!

Food for everyone

There’s a broad range of food choices, which means that those who have certain needs with regards to their eating will have nothing to worry about at Olhumathi Restaurant. The guests can opt to go for gluten-free food, halal, vegetarian, and so much more. The staff will be more than happy to assist you if you need to ask for anything else. At Olhumathi Restaurant, your satisfaction is king. Rest assured, the staff will certainly do their best to make sure that you leave the facilities with a happy tummy.

If you’re going as a group, you wouldn’t need to worry about the space too. Olhumathi Restaurant can hold up to 60 guests at once on both its floors. And if you’re staying at the Olhumathi Inn Guesthouse, you can avail room service and have Olhumathi Restaurant’s amazing seafood dishes delivered straight to your bed.

Budget Maldives

So if you’re a traveler going to Maldives on a budget, then there’s not much to be said here. Good food, good company, good place, all in the form of one restaurant? Plus, you don’t have to spend a lot too, since the

What are you waiting for? Come on over and experience the taste of Ukulhas at Olhumathi Restaurant!