Explore Maldives on a budget

Is it really possible to enjoy Maldives on a budget? Five-star luxury resorts, exclusive beaches, brews, and extravagant meals is what countless people think when they imagine a holiday in Maldives. It’s difficult to believe that Maldives can be affordable when you look at those amazing pictures. The reality is however that Maldives on a budget is possible even for economical travelers and Ukulhas Island is one of the renown names among those travelers as a must place to stay in order to enjoy Maldives on a budget.

What’s great is that Ukulhas recognizes budget travelers as an industry. There are numerous expeditions and accommodations facilities all aiming the economical travel segment. So why wait…? Visit Ukulhas, Maldives and switch your inner clock to ‘Ukulhas time’: discovering the Maldives’s beautiful beaches, underwater wonders, lush vegetation and intriguing culture shouldn’t be hurried. A perfect place to relax, indulge and rejuvenate.

Ukulhas – budget traveler’s choice in Maldives

Ukulhas Island


Envisage secluded snow white-sand beach fringed by turquoise blue waters – Ukulhas, Maldives is the ultimate budget beach getaway an obvious choice for a real vacation of a lifetime. Ukulhas, a local island set in one of the best diving areas of Maldives at North. The island is 72 km away from Male or Velana International Airport. Not too big in size and population, the length of this beautiful island is 1025 m; width 225 m with a population around 1000 inhabitants. Ukulhas is renown among travelers as one of the best bikini beach local island in Maldives.

If you are looking to explore Maldives on budget, look no further. Ukulhas is an ideal budget-friendly destination in Maldives, and to visit this beautiful island is very easy and you don’t need a hefty budget or break you bank to enjoy a holiday in Maldives, unless if you wish to spend your entire vacation in five-star luxury resort. Year by year Maldives local islands and resorts are booming with tourists, Maldives is still shockingly cheap if you know where to find. The estimate price for a stay in Ukulhas or any other local island in Maldives would cost average $50 a day, this is a decent value for a budget stay in Maldives and explore it’s wonders.

Accommodation in Ukulhas Maldives

Ukulhas Accommodation


No need for exclusive resort islands in Maldives, though there are many accommodation facilities to choose from if you prefer! If you prefer to jump into the perfect place with all accommodation flavors, Ukulhas island would be an ideal place to enjoy fantastic accommodation choices on a budget. From budget friendly guesthouses to semi-luxury boutique beach hotels with amazing ocean views; you will find all in one plate at Ukulhas, Maldives.

Transfer options to Ukulhas Island

Ukulhas Speedboat transfer by Coral Speed


Until recently, flexibility of transportation between airport and Maldives islands was an inconvenience for both travelers and locals. The introduction of budget tourism by Maldives former president Mr. Mohamed Nasheed gave the opportunity for both locals and tourists. Due to this reason, the means of flexibility of transportation between airports and islands in Maldives has been a convenience for all.

If you plan on heading straight to Ukulhas after landing in Velana International Airport, you have three choices to get you here. The first option is to catch the schedule speedboat transfer. This is the most favorable and reliable choice among all travelers who visit Ukulhas and Maldives and this choice is available every day. The average price of speedboat transfer per person would cost around $50 per person per way and $25 per child per way.

The second option is MTCC public ferry, which is the cheapest option from all three. Though this transfer option is cheap the duration and availability of MTCC public ferry transfer may not be convenient for all. Average price for this transfer is around $5 per person per way and it operates on specific days of the week. Read more information about schedule and routes on MTCC official site.

Finally, the most expensive but also the fastest way to get to Ukulhas Island is seaplane transfer. An ideal choice for those who wish to take mesmerizing aerial view photographs of Maldivian islands along the way. Beside the expensiveness, the problem to the hydroplane is it only fly during the day. Estimated average cost for seaplane transfer to Ukulhas Island is around $250 per person per way. The three domestic airlines in the Maldives are Flyme, Maldivian, and Trans Maldivian Airways. All the mention three transportation can be book directly or you may reserve it in advance through your accommodation facility. Please check-out further details on all Maldivian transportation and routes at AtollTransfer

Things to do in Ukulhas

Manta Ray Snorkeling

things to do in ukulhas